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Published by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

The four million to twenty million sq. kilometers of sea ice that surrounds the Antarctic continent represents one of many greatest and such a lot dynamic ecosystems on the earth. This sea ice matrix offers a habitat for a large choice of organisms, a few of which dwell their whole lives in the ice whereas others are just occasional viewers. huge grazers, similar to copepods and krill which come to the ocean ice to feed, characterize vital hyperlinks among sea ice biota and the pelagic surroundings. regrettably, a result of inherent trouble of sampling such an atmosphere, many elements of this exact habitat are nonetheless poorly understood. the aim of this quantity is to provide new information regarding this surroundings in order that its position in the Antarctic food-web (and as a sink for carbon dioxide) and its susceptibility to environmental adjustments could be higher understood.


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In January,the From October through April, sea ice near the coast onshore-offshore differencesin algal standingcrop distended to have a thicker snow cover than ice offshore. appeareddue to the meltingof vastamountsof first-year Becausemulti-yearice is moreprevalentnear-shore,this seaice; total sea ice extenthad diminisheddramatically is probablytheresultof longtermaccumulation. to only approximately10% of the coveragein October. Somemulti-year iceat 160øEpersisted andthick snowcoverover multi-yearice producedgen- to the end of the simulationand harboredthe greatestalerally low estimatesof primaryproductionfor the seaice gal standingcrop in the RossSea,with levelsin January in the Bellingshausen-Amundsen Sea.

The maximumrate of productionper February. 3 Tg C) of the sea ice productionin the Weddell Sea took place within first-yearice; during the month of November first-year ice accountedfor more tinuedadvectingnorthandeastwardthroughJanuaryand February. 42g C m-2month-1). Annu- late November and December(Plate 1). The seaice con- than 93%. While sea ice was at its maximum x 106km2)persisted in thefareastern portion of theRoss extent in Sea adjacent to the Bellingshausen-AmundsenSea. 16 m. 20 m in thickness over a productionincreasedby a factorof threeand seaice cov- sizablearea where it was primarily associatedwith the erageremainedhigh.

E. VI. , Arch. , 97, 103-114, 1974. to estimatethe productivityof algae deeperin the ice column. Second, the formulation and successful use of Blackman, F. , Optima and limiting factors,Ann. , 19, 281-295, 1905. this sea ice productivity model gives us a consistent Bunt, J. , Microalgaeof the Antarcticpack ice zone,in Symframework for making comparisonswith resultsfrom a posium on AntarcticOceanography, editedby R. Currie,pp. similarly-formulatedmodel for SouthernOcean phyto198-218,W. , 1968. planktonthat we have developed[Arrigo et al.

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