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Org by HINARI on 08/31/07. For personal use only. 4/~ i Residues ! 2wl5 VacPIlL 70 CAHiiver 69 Vac PBL VaePBL CAH liver 60 71 Figure 2 Class I- and II-restficted epitope mapof HBV. ¯ , indicates FVChisadet al, unpublishedobservations; ¯ *, indicates APennaand C Ferraxi, unpublishedobservations. nucleocapsid-specific T cell response plays a critical role in viral clearance (10, 64, 65). It coulddo this in several ways(illustrated in Figure1). First, probablycontributes to the induction of virus-specific CTLbecause the kinetics and vigor of the class II-restricted T cell response to HBc/eAg during acute hepatitis parallel the HLAclass I-restricted CTLresponseto all of the viral antigens (12, 15, 66) (see below).

Rev. Immunol. 13:29-60. org by HINARI on 08/31/07. For personal use only. Whilethe foregoingconceptsare reasonable in the contextof HBV infection, it is importantto emphasize that they havenot yet beentested experimentally, so their valueremainsspeculative. Bythis mechanism viruses could persist and replicate, eludinglymphocyte recognitionat the site of replicationandthereforeavoiding immunopathology of the infected tissues. Importantly,it has beenshownthat HBsAg-specific CTLcannot reach HBsAg-positive parenchymal cells in many organsdueto microvascularbarriers that do not exist in the liver (87).

Exp. 139:1582-98 65. Chiller JM, Habicht GS, Weigle WO. 1970. Cellular sites of immunologicunresponsiveness. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 65:551-56 66. Nossal GJV, Pike BL. 1981. Functional clonal deletion in immunologicaltolerance to major histocompatibility complexantigens. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA78:384447 67. Good MF, Pyke KW,Nossal GJV. 1983. Functional clonal deletion of cytotoxic Tlymphocyteprecursors in chimeric thymus producedin vitro from embryonicanlagen. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA80:3045-49 68.

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