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By Frater Elijah

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Many times these nasty bug’s form circuits and feedback loops to enhance and keep their reigns of control. Rigid self analysis and control must endure, sometimes just making a note of a circuit is enough to temporarily diffuse it. Journal Exert *B1 (BABALON) There are many faces to the Lady. She comes and ‘brings’ evolution as necessary. She is an alchemical solve et coagula. The Strange attractor party was an amalgamation of an earthly aspect, although higher forces received the greater interchange.

Ye cannot. I made her swear to be and bind herself to me. A trick? No, her arousal is her nature. She understands the magus & the way. She is to be a tool by us also and a sweet succubus. It is truly frightening how she manifests. She is the queen of the quliphoth, for we are of her. As our heart swells upward to heaven, the self of “I” comes to understanding in her burning. 7 The Scarlet Brotherhood I hate to use the words, “I understand”, because this is better said in silence, but these writings are one of shared view.

Also a reference is here for the abyss (the Chasm formed from the initial shattering). The commentary of Elijah is at the bottom concerning his views and experience of mathematics, concerning the way. I/2a: A metaphor for life. I/2b: A brief interchange of the selves. A subconscious parlay with the readers masks. A calling to the readers Self. Amazing Grace. I/3a: The tragedy of each maze is that it is unique. As the reader is drawn out of a state of passivity, the ego must be brought into play, and play this surely is.

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