New PDF release: Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

ISBN-10: 1560763582

ISBN-13: 9781560763581

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With no hereditary ties, advancement depended on ability, not birth-station, and the lowliest warrior could rise to the position of army commander or vizier on his own merit. Further, given the ability to bring the best candidates forward to the highest positions, both the historical janissaries and the mamluks ended up ruling their respective countries. The mamluk kit of Zakhara is modeled after these historical figures, with one addition: females join the ranks. Boys and girls are trained in separate units, however, and remain segregated until they have risen well up the chain of command (something only a few achieve).

In such cases, a “guilty” verdict is likely. Guilty parties are outcast completely from their organizations. If they are ever caught by former comrades, punishment will be meted out according to the decision of the court, and applied immediately. Wealth Options: Each mamluk begins the campaign with armor and a weapon, plus 2d4 × 10 gp in pocket change. Mamluks have little need for cash; their essentials have already been purchased by the state which enslaves them. Races: Members of any race may be mamluks.

Hence, if a desert rider 33 purchases a mount directly from another desert rider, this benefit does not apply. Special Hindrances: Desert riders are uncomfortable outside their desert home. When not in a desert or desertlike area, they make all proficiency checks at -1. Combat rolls are not affected, however. Wealth Options: All desert riders receive a brokendown mount at the start of play. After two weeks in a desert rider’s care, however, the horse (or camel) becomes an average mount. In addition, desert riders receive only 3d4 × 10 gp, from which they must purchase the rest of their equipment.

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