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By Jörg Schönherr, Peter Baur (auth.), Cindy E. Morris, Philippe C. Nicot, Christophe Nguyen-The (eds.)

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''Informative, well-constructed, and readable...The individuals are leaders of their fields and what they need to say is worthwhile.'' --- SGM Quarterly, August 1998

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If they are utilised by epiphytic micro-organisms, they can be replaced quickly, because they are synthesised in the epidermis and permeability in cuticles for these compounds can be high. 015 ~tg/cm -~. This is orders of magnitude less than the lowest wax coverages commonly found on plants; only the amount of fatty acids will reach this value. CONCLUSIONS Permeabilities of cuticles are relatively high for lipophilic molecules and they are low for polar compounds, even if they are relatively small.

Derridj Water--40 ~ Apoplast . . . Chloroform2"[ - I ~N~ 30 l ~ ~ ~/ a , I ~o I I 10 :'i' \' ~ ~ ~ ~ "~ 0 b~- ~ • ;' ,, .. ~, , . ", , . ~ t ~ * ' . ,. : . 'q O,I - : ~ '-g', 0,1 " P'0,1 i ,... ~ " -~ O'x ~ r~ t"q O'~ C~ Carbon chain length 40 / 3O ~ /~ C \ . ,, 20 .... o. o. O0 O0 0 0,1 ~ ,--, ,--, t"q Ol ~ ',,0 0,1 O0 ¢q ~ ' ,~ 0 Oh t"q 0'~ Carbon chain length Figure 3. Comparison of profiles of n-alkanes (a), n-alkanols (b) and n-alkanoic acids (c) collected from the corn ear leaf surface by spraying water (--), dipping the leaf in chloroform for 2 sec (---) and from the apoplast collected by infiltration of water and centrifugation of the leaf ( - - -).

St~idler, E. 1986, Oviposition and feeding stimuli in leaf surface waxes, pp. E. E. ) h~sects and Plant Su~;/bce. Edward Arnold, London. St~idler, E. 1992, Behavioral responses of insects to plant secondary compounds, pp. 45-88. In: Rosenthal, G. ) Herbivores: Their Interaction with Secondat3" Plant Metabolites, San Diego Academic. St~idler, E. and Roessingh, E 1990, Perception of surface chemicals by feeding and ovipositing insects. Syrup. ~fBiol. ofHungat 3" 39: 71-86. E and Derridj, S. 1995, Permeability of isolated cuticles of Prunus laurocerasus to soluble carbohydrates.

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