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Basics of Optical Waveguides is an important source for any researcher, expert or scholar excited by optics and communications engineering. Any reader drawn to designing or actively operating with optical units should have a company clutch of the foundations of lightwave propagation. Katsunari Okamoto has provided this hard expertise in actual fact and concisely with a number of illustrations and equations.

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Coupling between emitter and neighbor atoms due cal calculations that are in much closer agreement with We have recently made more accurate theoreti- to the Coulomb interaction, so that the electromag- experiment. We found larger effects in the other com- netic field generated in the downward resonant tran- pounds, with peak values up to ] ojcxo and energy- sition on the neighbor is transferred to the atom integrated vahtesup to 290/o for severalresonances in responsible for photoemission. ,Mn0,.

Lett. 0. (1998). W. H. Jaecks, “High resolution polarization analysis of the fluorescence from Ar+ [3P]4p2P3,2formed in photoionization,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 5222(1997). 75 Ionizing Photon Energy (eV) Figure 1 Total fluorescent intensity from theAr+ 3p4[3P]4p2D3n along with the total alignment ization of this fluorescence. u, but ratherintenactwith one cloud’s spatial distribution, which can be used to quantify the anothez One si~ature ofmch electronintera~”on, or relativistic interactions between the autoionizing ns Rydberg for corre/atz”on, k the observationof two excz”tedekz-trons electron, the 3p4 subshell, and the 4p valence electrons.

Kay, S. S. Fadley and R. Denecke (University of California at Davis and Berkeley Lab); E. A. Van Hove, and Z. Hussain (Berkeley Lab); and J. Garcia de Abajo (Berkeley Lab Figure and Universidad del Pais Vasco/EHU, Spain). 2 Dem–onstration of MARPE when the photon energy for O Is emission from MnO (hv) is tuned to the Mn ~~ (2PI/Z and 2pl,~) . edges. The resonant orange, and the expected enhancement intensity is shown in in the absence of the res- Publications 1 A. , “Multi-atom resonant photoemis- onance is in cross-hatched red.

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