A Wedding in Apple Grove (Small Town USA, Book 1) - download pdf or read online

By C. H. Admirand

ISBN-10: 1402268998

ISBN-13: 9781402268991

Welcome to Apple Grove, Ohio (population 597) the place every body has your top pursuits at heart... Love is within the air and the evidence is within the painted thought at the water tower. each woman in Apple Grove seems ahead to her beau following city culture via getting on a ladder and making his love for her public.

When Daniel Eagan strikes to city, his matchmaking acquaintances direct him towards the Mulcahys. but if the petite and winsome Megan arrives on his doorstep in khakis and a device belt, sparks begin flying among the hot man and the fatherland lady

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The bright vision of childhood faded. Jane’s smile was tinged with sadness. “I missed him desperately when he went off to school, and I have seen so little of him since…This last year was the worst; every newspaper I read was filled with horrors. But you know of the awful suffering in the trenches before Sevastopol. I visualized Edmund freezing on those bleak heights in winter, wounded and abandoned—and the hospitals were worse than the trenches. ” Her voice broke. Touched by this rare demonstration of sensibility, Megan put her hand over the fingers that had given up all pretense of working.

Deprived of outdoor exercise by the weather, Lina was maddeningly naughty. When she finished the day’s misadventures by burning her hand on the fender, after being warned a dozen times to stay away from the fire, Megan snapped at her instead of expressing sympathy. Lina howled, Megan blew her nose, and the cat spat at both of them before leaving the room in search of more civilized companionship. Having looked forward all day to the evening meeting with Jane, Megan was discouraged to find her friend in equally gloomy spirits.

I did not suppose you had. ” As she spoke, her nimble fingers divested Lina of 40 / Barbara Michaels the paint-stained frock and lifted her into the carriage. Lina broke into a fit of giggles and insisted on standing up so that everyone could see her unconventional costume. Miss Mandeville did not protest, but directed Megan to keep a firm hold on the rear of the small pantelets. Turning for a last look, Megan saw that Sam was standing in the yard watching them. Finally that elusive sense of familiarity crystallized.

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