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By Joe Haldeman

ISBN-10: 0441014070

ISBN-13: 9780441014071

Listed here are fifteen stories-never sooner than gathered- spanning 36 years of Joe Haldeman's award-winning writing...tales that tread upon well-known Haldeman territory, in addition to discover the outer reaches of his extra special mind's eye.

From the 1st brief tale Haldeman ever offered, "Out of Phase," to "A Separate War," which revisits a personality from his vintage novel The ceaselessly War, to his own favourite, "For White Hill," in response to a Shakespeare sonnet, this assortment will take readers on a trip via a writer's progress from suffering artist to 1 of the leading voices of his iteration. And notes at the tales on the finish of the amount supplies first-hand perception into the wit and knowledge that went into every one of Haldeman's works.

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