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By Cyril Fagan

The fundamental textbook of the Western Sidereal institution of astrology

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Of particular interest in this tradition is that it seems to be an allegorical deSCription of a geo- Theory of Alignments 3 metrical figure. This could be, for example, the intersection of two arcs of circle. An arc can be drawn on the map of Greece with the probable site of Tempe as the center of a Dodona-Delphi curve, because the distances from Tempe to Dodona and Tempe to Delphi are equal. This distance is also equal to that be­ tween Delphi and Prasiae . 5 And it was from that very place that the sacred Theores set sail for Delos.

It was already more understandable why at Delphi there was a sanctu­ ary of Athena Pronaia by the modern road coming from Athens. Before the entrance of the temple of Apollo used to stand another statue of Athena. 3 From the time when I first began to draw my lines, I wondered what the ancient Greeks knew of the shape of their country. 4 My later observations were to show that, although there were errors in the calculation of distances, especially in mountainous country, on the whole the ancients were well aware of the positions of sites in relation to one another, and espeCially of significant alignments.

It woul d appear that the tradition, issued from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and relayed through Asia Minor, Phoenicia, Greece, and Rome, survived in fragments for several millenia. This English edition corresponds to the third French edition, with some mi­ nor cuts and variations in sequence. I had originally intended to work closely with Richer on this translation, but his death in 1992 prevented me from doing so. I have made every effort to ensure accuracy and clarity in the text and to update the footnotes.

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