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You are my wife, Isobel, and we will be sleeping together. This will be a proper marriage—in bed and out. Now, are you going to come and say goodnight to our guests and walk out of here like the dignified woman that you are? Or are you going to make me put you over my shoulder? Either way, I don’t think the spectators would be disappointed. The latter option would give us a nice romantic edge and keep the coffee mornings buzzing for a few days. ’ Isobel tipped up her chin and looked at Rafael coolly, belying her nervousness.

How did Rafael do that? Creep up on her when he was such a big man? She looked at him warily and took in properly that he was dressed in jeans and a casual shirt. Her pulse sped up, and it had nothing to do with the car. She looked away, willing down the heat that threatened upwards. ‘I know. ’ And each one was worth the equivalent of the national debt of a small country. He quirked a brow. ‘I’m impressed. ’ Isobel nodded, focusing on the sleek and gorgeous lines of the car. ‘I got it from my grandfather.

And to feel the way she’d put up her resistance and then melted into him so deliciously, kissed him so passionately, the way no novice could possibly kiss—it had sent some wel- come sanity into his hot and tangled brain. She was artful, and she knew exactly what she was doing. He was used to manipulative women. He’d learnt at the hands of one of the best: his ex- fiancée. She’d all but admitted up there that she was no virgin, so her shy little moves and blushes were just an act, designed to bring him to the edge of his control.

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