Gilbert Harman, Ernest Lepore's A Companion to W. V. O. Quine PDF

By Gilbert Harman, Ernest Lepore

ISBN-10: 0470672102

ISBN-13: 9780470672105

This significant other brings jointly a crew of top figures in modern philosophy to supply an in-depth exposition and research of Quine’s huge impact throughout philosophy’s many subfields, highlighting the breadth of his paintings, and revealing his persevered value today.

  • Provides an in-depth account and research of W.V.O. Quine’s contribution to American Philosophy, and his place as one of many overdue twentieth-century’s such a lot influential analytic philosophers
  • Brings jointly newly-commissioned essays by way of top figures inside modern philosophy
  • Covers Quine’s paintings throughout philosophy of common sense, philosophy of language, ontology and metaphysics, epistemology, and more
  • Explores his paintings on the subject of the origins of analytic philosophy in the US, and to the historical past of philosophy extra broadly
  • Highlights the breadth of Quine’s paintings around the self-discipline, and demonstrates the continued effect of his paintings in the philosophical community

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But is this really an analytic proposition? Is Ayer’s claim “true solely in virtue of the meaning of its constituent symbols”? Does it lack “factual content”? It seems not. 6 But even if these were “logical facts,” it is hardly a logical fact that no conceivable observations would make us reject them. ╇ Quine on Analyticity In any case, the earlier empiricist position, exemplified by Ayer, may still be fairly popular. 8 But everyone has not yet accepted Quine’s criticism. Perhaps a majority of contemporary philosophers has not been persuaded by it.

Notice that the position of a belief within the web need not correlate with how confident one is that it is true. Perhaps I am extremely confident that Team 19 thomas kelly A will beat Team B in tonight’s game, but when I observe otherwise I will unhesitatingly resolve the conflict by giving up my prior belief about the outcome of the game. This is relatively easy for me to do, inasmuch as my belief that Team A will win the game was hardly fundamental to my view of the world, despite the confidence with which I held it.

The normative here, as elsewhere in engineering, becomes descriptive when the terminal parameter is expressed. (1986b, 664–665; cf. Quine 1990, 19) Quine’s view is thus that the normativity of epistemology is simply the normativity of instrumental reason. The fact that a person can have reasons to revise her beliefs in some ways rather than others is of a piece with the fact that she has reasons to take the means to her ends. This account of epistemic normativity has proven popular among those seeking to naturalize epistemology and the philosophy of science (Giere 1989; Kitcher 1992; Kornblith 1993; Laudan 1990, 318; Maffie 1990a; 1990b).

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