Ramtha's A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality, Third Edition PDF

By Ramtha

ISBN-10: 1578730279

ISBN-13: 9781578730278

Account of vital occasions in Ramtha s lifetime, from start to his ascension, in addition to Ramtha s easy teachings on: attention and effort; the character of truth; The self and the character; The Observer in quantum mechanics; The auric box surrounding the physique; The kundalini strength; and the seven seals within the physique. This instructing covers the creation given to scholars starting their learn and coaching at Ramtha s tuition of Enlightenment.
exact content material: Foreword by means of JZ Knight, Introductory Essay to Ramtha s Teachings by way of Jaime Leal-Anaya, Diagrams, Workbook, thesaurus and unique Index.

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53 A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CREATING REALITY Those terms in Ramtha's prayer that find a clear parallel to the prayer of Jesus could serve as a key for the interpretation of Jesus' message. We find that when we apply Ramtha's understanding of these terms to the teachings of Jesus, his message is in striking agreement to the works attributed to Thomas the Aposde in the Nag Hammadi collection. 30 This is important since the works of Thomas have been placed in the mid-first century, a date prior to the Gospel of John and the synoptic Gospels themselves.

You see, the attitude that was gathered up in the latter part of the days, the mediocrity of supreme intelligence in those latter days, emits still an attitude, as it were indeed, of sovereignty over all things. That is why there is no life there. Now the day of the Ram, as it were indeed, when I was a little boy, it was not governed any longer by light but by tyrants, irreputable law, and human life was nothing. Your red 5 The Sargasso Sea, located between 20" to 35° North Latitude and 30° to 70° West Longitude.

That is what made the wondrous child called Terra fertile, for it took the sunlight, as it were indeed, and evenly deposited it all over, as it were indeed, the Earth. How did the great freeze come about, as it were indeed, in the final days? When the waters came down, as it were indeed, to the great waterway, when that which is termed indeed light had been perfected by that which is termed indeed the Atlatians for the purpose of 64 RAMTHA'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY travel, for the purpose of destruction, for the purpose of transmuting, as it were indeed, thoughts and things, the great light, as it were indeed, severed the great waterway in the stratum.

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