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A magical transformation happens in Danielle Steel's luminous novel: Strangers develop into roommates, roommates develop into buddies, and pals develop into a kinfolk in a turn-of-the-century condominium in Manhattan's West Village.

The plumbing was once at risk of leaks, the furnishings rescued from storage revenues. and each sq. inch was once being devotedly restored to its unique splendor--even as a courting fell to items. Now Francesca Thayer, newly separated from her boyfriend, is all at once the only loan payer on her Greenwich Village townhouse. The suffering paintings gallery proprietor does the maths after which the incredible. She places out an commercial for boarders, and shortly her domestic turns into an entire new world.

First comes Eileen, a clean, lovely L.A. transplant, now a brand new York urban schoolteacher. Then there's Chris, a tender father combating for custody of his seven-year-old son. The...

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As they entered the great hall, Louisa thought of the viscount eating every meal alone, with nothing to distract him from how much his life had changed. He should accept the company and conversation of his family—but that was easy for her to think. The beamed ceiling of the great hall rose two full floors above them, and the high walls were decorated in shields and swords. Little groupings of furniture were scattered about, on noticeably bare floors. Less for Lord Wade to trip on. Louisa felt very small in that massive room, but determined to create a place for herself in such an unusual household.

I am so sorry,” she said breathlessly, trying to find a way to separate without touching him further. Touching him made her think forbidden thoughts about what he looked like under his clothing, something that had always been an embarrassing preoccupation of hers where he was concerned. “Ah, Miss Shelby,” he murmured. She must have knocked him from the bench he’d been sitting on. When she turned onto her side, her face raked by fern leaves, she realized that her thigh slid up his as she moved.

What was his grandmother up to? She had not asked him to sing, once he’d professed he would not; since then, no music had been played in the house. Though he hadn’t requested a ban, it had been easier that way. Now he listened to the rustle of Miss Shelby’s skirts as she walked past him, heard her seat herself at the piano and begin to play. She was no great musical prodigy, but she had a light, pleasant touch at the keyboard. And then she began to sing, and the blow to his gut was unexpected and disturbing.

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