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The arterial pressuredrops throughout ventricular diastoleand reachesits lowest value iust prior to the opening of the aortic valve. (3) PulsePressureis the differencebetweenthe systolicand diastolicpressures. b. Pressurewavestravel fasterthan blood itself. ,atherosclerotic)vessels. c. Shapeof the pressurecurve is alteredin certain pathologic states(Figure I-4-18). The shapeis a function of: 56 Physiology ( 1) Rate of rise of ventricular pressure. The faster the ventricle contracts, the steeper the rise in arterial pressure.

The RBB and the divisions of the LBB arborize into a fine network of Purkinje fibers, which also conduct rapidly. The Purkinje fibers penetrate the ventricular myocardium and function to depolarize the ventricular muscle cells. 7- The term His-Purkinje system or ventricular conduction system is used to describethe His bundle, bundle branches,and Purkinje fibers together. It consistsprimarily of rapidly conducting cells called Purkinje cells. In a Nutshell NormalCardiac Conduction -+ -> SAnode atrialmuscle AVnode+ Hisbundle and bundle branches + Purkinje fibers + ventricular muscle B.

However, due to the small P*u,Na+ moves from ECF to ICF along its concentration and electrical gradients,making the actud RMP lessnegativethan V* and allowing for a continued small K+ efflux. Thus, at the RMR there is a small outward K+ current balancedby a small inward Na+ current. d. Slow fibers have a somewhat greater PN"/PKratio than fast fibers and therefore a less negativeRMP. 3. The RMP can be changedby: a. Changes in the K+ concentration gradient. For example, a decrease in the K+ concentration gradient decreasesthe tendency of K+ to leavethe cell along its concentration gradient, resulting in a less negative RMP.

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